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Narky Night Bubs and Presents

Well last night was fun, not.

Bubs (and dad) had a long night together – he didn’t settle very well.

We’ve got him on the correct feed for his weight (80ml) but he always seems to want more- at least he did last night.

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Sleepy Afternoon

Today has been good.

After a long night shift I went to bed at 8am and woke up just after 11am.

Not much sleep I know but I felt OK.

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The Night Shift

I’ve always been a bit of a night owl so doing the night shift to look after bubs while my wife sleeps is something I’m very happy to do.

Tonight’s shift started at 11pm and will probably end about 7am when my wife (and her parents who are staying with us to help), wake up.

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Nipple Protectors

Today I ventured out into town for the first time since my wife and son came home from hospital on Saturday.

It was a pretty nice day in Sydney with a high of 21° – shorts and T-shirt weather again.

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Mum and Bubs Come Home

It’s been a long day.  First my wife had to get checked out by a doctor and given the OK to go home.

Then we’ve been shown how to give bubs a bath, how to calculate formula based on weight of bubs and how often he’s being fed (if he needs a top-up).

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Late Night Browsing

Visiting time is over for the maternity ward and mum and bubs are in the good care of the midwives for the night.

My wife tells me this could be my last night “alone” ;-P

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First Feed

Bubs and mum are doing well and the midwives are awesome.

He needed a little topping up of formula for feed today.  Dad (me!), gave him his first bottle feed.

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Last Minute Stuff

Over the past few weeks we’ve been getting the big stuff ready; cot, buggy, changing table, nappies, baby wipes, etc.

We don’t really know what we need so we’re going on a bit of instinct and some advice from friends and family.

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New Baby and a New Life

Today my wife and I had a baby son.  How wonderful.

I’m 42 years old and my wife is a few years younger.

Most of our friends have kids in school so we’re a bit late to the party.

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