Today my wife and I had a baby son.  How wonderful.

I’m 42 years old and my wife is a few years younger.

Most of our friends have kids in school so we’re a bit late to the party.

We’re looking at this little sleeping human in his cot beside my wife’s bed and it not really sinking in yet as to what’s happened.

Here I am staring at him and thinking – wow I’m now a dad!

But to be honest nothing really feels different at the moment.  I wonder if all new dads think that on the first day or is it just me?

Visiting hours are 9am until 10pm so I’m trying to stay in the hospital with both my wife while she recovers and this cooing, gurgling little bundle of wraps sleeping next to her.

I’m a developer working from home so I’ve still got a few business things to wrap up before I take paternity leave.  Hmmm… that’s something I didn’t think I’d be saying.

Wife and bubs will stay in the maternity ward for a few days to be monitored.

I’ve already found the hot water tap, so I can refill my cup of tea- decaf teabags are stocked up and in my backpack.