Over the past few weeks we’ve been getting the big stuff ready; cot, buggy, changing table, nappies, baby wipes, etc.

We don’t really know what we need so we’re going on a bit of instinct and some advice from friends and family.

Parents-in-law have been gems and most of our stuff we’ve gotten from ebay or from friends who are done using them.

Second hand stuff is all good and it makes sense to save money for the time ahead.  Babies are expensive!

One new thing I wanted to get was a mattress for the cot – got a good deal at Big W.

Last minute items also bought; baby bath, nappy sacks (to stop the smell), nappy bucket with a lid, set of Advent baby bottles to fit the steam steriliser we were given and some cotton buds.

I also think about what groceries I need to get – want to make my gorgeous wife, now “mum” a super nice dinner on her first night back. ¬†Gotta take care of her too!