It’s been a long day.  First my wife had to get checked out by a doctor and given the OK to go home.

Then we’ve been shown how to give bubs a bath, how to calculate formula based on weight of bubs and how often he’s being fed (if he needs a top-up).

Finally we waited a while for a baby doctor to look bubs over and give the OK to come home.

Grandad had a car seat fitted a few days ago but bubs was wrapped up in a few blankets so we barely got the seatbelt to click.  Not to worry – only a few minutes down the road to home.

It’s so nice to get my wife back home but she’s pretty nackered so she’s off to bed to try and catch up on some needed sleep.

Wow – I’m in charge now.  That’s kinda scary.

I’ve changed nappies before so I’m not worried about that.

Bubs is a little bit unsettled tonight – maybe the new environment has something to do with it but grandma and grandad are here to help and give advice.

The routine for nights: nappy change, feed, burp, sleep and repeat.

Had my first go at walking round in circles and rocking bubs to try to get him to settle after feeding.  Thankfully he fell asleep in my arms and I was able to put him into the pram for a sleep.

Feeling good.  Am I a real dad now?