Today I ventured out into town for the first time since my wife and son came home from hospital on Saturday.

It was a pretty nice day in Sydney with a high of 21° – shorts and T-shirt weather again.

The goal of today was to get some nipple protectors.  I don’t have any hang-ups or get embarrassed about things like that but I guess some new dads, maybe younger ones, will.  Please don’t.  There’s nothing more natural than looking after bubs and mum.

I’m happy to be helping out doing stuff while my wife takes some time to bond with bubs.

What are nipple protectors?

They are small bit of silicone that look a bit flatter than the teat of a baby bottle.  Our midwife said that they look a bit like a Mexican hat – and they do!

Breast feeding can take 40-60 mins for each feeding.  That’s a lot of sucking,  so these protectors for a barrier between mum and bub so they don’t get too sore by the end.

So where do you go to find nipple protectors?

Turns out the best place to start is in a chemist so I go into the first place I find and start looking around.

After a few minutes of poking around the baby section and basically looking rather clueless, the counter girl came over to offer assistance.

I ask for a “nipple shield” as our midwife called them and the girl tells me they are usually called “nipple protectors” on the box.  That was helpful.

Of course with anything baby there are lots of choices and sizes and I was shown two sizes from the same particular brand – Philips Advent (same as our sanitiser and feeding bottles).  I asked what the difference was and she wasn’t too sure so I thanked her and headed off to Big W.

OK, same choices here in Big W and roughly the same prices but nobody around to ask.

Once out in the mall I see another pharmacy in front of me and decide to go in and see what they have.

Finally someone helps out

After a couple of minutes a male staff member comes up and asks me if he can help.  I explain that I’m looking for and he launches into action asking me about how feeding is going, how mum is felling and what we’re looking to use the protectors for.

The guy was amazing and a wealth of knowledge explaining that the different sizes are there to fit all the different sizes of women and their particular type of breasts.  He laughed at the whole Mexican hat reference but agreed they do look like one.

He mentioned that there was another brand and tried to find it.  Out of stock and he tells me that they aren’t ordering as much of those because everyone is buying the Advent ones.  Good to know.

As a suggestion he mentioned having a look at the Australian Breast Feeding Association website to check out what becoming a member would give us.

For an added bonus he asks me if we’ve been given a new born goody bag yet.

Looking clueless again he explains that they give out a bag full of baby product samples (sponsored by Huggies) to new mums, so I jot down our details, pay and leave with nipple protectors, a goodie bag full of newborn bits ‘n’ bobs and respect for a very well trained and polite pharmacy staff member.