Today has been good.

After a long night shift I went to bed at 8am and woke up just after 11am.

Not much sleep I know but I felt OK.

My wife is feeling much better now as she’s managed to get quite a bit of sleep over the past couple of days.

She’s really enjoying the cuddle time with bubs.

On the whole he’s a pretty good little baby and is sleeping pretty well.

My wife and I had some time to look through all the lovely presents and congratulations that people have been sending us – making a list so that we can send them a thank-you.

Our church is being very supportive and offering to make some meals for us a couple of times a week for a few weeks.

We’re usually wouldn’t accept such an offer – there are surely other people who need meals more than us but look- we’re all pretty knackered so any help is a blessing.

I’m officially on paternity leave but I think I’ll check in on the business and see how things are going.