I’ve always been a bit of a night owl so doing the night shift to look after bubs while my wife sleeps is something I’m very happy to do.

Tonight’s shift started at 11pm and will probably end about 7am when my wife (and her parents who are staying with us to help), wake up.

Here’s the basic routine that I try to follow:

12 midnight

  • Bottles go into the steam sanitizer- it takes about 15mins for the cycle to complete
  • Wake up bubs from slumber – yeah he’s pretty grumpy about that
  • Onto the changing table to see what surprises are down below for dad
  • Wiped clean, new nappy in place and wrapped up in a couple of blankets (it’s still winter here).
    Mum-in-law has shown me how to wrap up bubs in such a way that it tucks in his arms so they can’t wriggle free – this helps bubs feel snug and secure and helps with feeding – you can imagine how much more difficult it is to try feeding when arms are waving around and being stuck into the mouth.
  • Bubs gets put back into our pram (we didn’t bother to get a Moses basket) while I prepare some formula – by this time the sanitizer has finished.
  • Bib on and bubs gets his feed – takes maybe 20-30 mins to complete and burp. See down below for more on burping.
  • No playtime at night so straight back into the cot or pram for nap time
  • Wash out feeding bottle, place back in sanitizer and get it ready for next time
  • Make myself a cup of tea and wait for 4am or thereabouts.

4am – same as above.

How long do you keep trying to get a burp?

So far bubs has been pretty good at burping within a few minutes.  I lay him across my chest with his head resting on my shoulder.  My chest applies a small amount of pressure on his tummy which helps as I pat him gently on the back.

There doesn’t seem to be any general rule about how long to keep trying to get a burp

Sometimes bubs doesn’t burp and that’s OK.

If bubs hasn’t burped after 5 mins and he’s nice and content and looking sleepy then I think it’s time to give up.

An unsettled bubs

Tonight bubs woke up about 11pm and was a bit narked off for some reason.

Nappy was clean and he wasn’t looking for feeding just yet (the head wasn’t turning to the side and trying to suck), he was just grumpy.

I could have been wind but I tried burping for a while with no success.

Nobody speaks baby so I had to resort to walking round, rocking him back and forth while patting gently on his back.  That seemed to work this time.

After 15 minutes and a pretty sore back (mine) and arms I managed to get bubs asleep and settled back down.  Hopefully he’ll sleep for another 45 mins or so before feeding.