Well last night was fun, not.

Bubs (and dad) had a long night together – he didn’t settle very well.

We’ve got him on the correct feed for his weight (80ml) but he always seems to want more- at least he did last night.

No burps either so I was quite frustrated and worried that I was doing something wrong.

Lots of crying, rocking and walking in circles for the first 3 hours.

It’s amazing the different positions that you can try to rock and swing a new born from just to see if you hit the sweet spot where his eyes slowly slide shut.

Feed at 2.30am which was 3 hours after his last one (we’re aiming for a 4 hours feeding schedule) was gulped down.  Again after 10 mins of different positions trying to pat him for burps -nothing.

More rocking and walking and finally he drifts off to sleep.  Thankfully this time he sleeps all the way through to 8am and I managed to get a few cap-naps in between gurgles and sighs.

Hope he’s better tonight.

Mum and grandma gave him a bath today.  We had bought a bath from Big W but they tried him in the sink today.

That didn’t go down well- I think the metal of the sink was too cold against his skin.  Man what a racket!!  Back to the plastic baby bath next time.

It’s sunny out today so we have him in the buggy next to the patio door.  Sleeping just now – next feed at 4pm.

Some of the items that I bought on-line arrived yesterday and I gave then to my wife as a present.

Two baby bibs – one with ninjas on it and one with computer keyboard keys – yeah I’m a geek 🙂

2015-08-12 14.40.27

Grandma also gave us a hand-made washcloth and teddy.

2015-08-12 14.17.55

And one of my best friends knitted a couple of little hats and some matching booties.  I have awesome friends.

2015-08-12 14.17.39